system backup questions

  eddiejackr 14:24 05 Dec 06

I have gleaned some answers from other threads, but further help required! I want to do a system backup - so far I've only ever backed up My Documents to CDs from time to time.

Q1: My main PC is 1.6GB; networked PC is 1.1 GB and so is my networked laptop. I assume I need an external HD, but how big will it need to be? Do I have to do full system back up for each machine individually? I have seen ref to ext hard drive with "network support" - is this what i need? I have a firewire port only on my main pc. The others are on a homeplug network thro a gateway so all have ethernet.

Q2: I have seen ref to "registry backup" - is this taken care of thro system backup and incremental backups or is it something different

  Carronade 14:25 05 Dec 06


  rawprawn 14:30 05 Dec 06

I'm sorry I don't understand the "Sizes" of your PC's 1.6 and 1.1gb are not big enough to get XP on.
To back up your Registry go to Start/Run/type regedit then go to File/Export/choose a suitable location (EG My Documents) and save.
If you do a full backup to your external HDD that file will be saved as well. Your External HDD should be over 60gb in my opinion.

  Carafaraday 14:51 05 Dec 06


  eddiejackr 16:24 05 Dec 06

sorry - I meant 160GB and 110 GB ( I think) ..
OK re registry backup - thanks.
If - for example - a 160GB hard drive is 50% full - i.e. 80GB (I've plucked these figures from nowhere but stick with me!) how big would the full system backup be? Would it be less? I sthere a rule of thumb?

Any comment on whether I have to do full system backup of each machine? They do not each have the same OS - two are XP home and one is ME. As I mentione d only one has firewire, one has usb2 and one only has usb1.

thanks for the help

  rawprawn 16:36 05 Dec 06

You need to back up each machine, I doubt that your backup will be much bigger than 15gb. Go to Start/My Computer/ right click on your C: (assuming that is your main drive) select properties and look and see how much space is used. If it is say 22gb remember that if you use a program such as Acronis (which I recomend) it will on normal compression make that about 15 or 16 gb and you can compress it more if you wish.

  rawprawn 16:37 05 Dec 06

P.S. firewire and USB's have no bearing on your back up.

  eddiejackr 16:48 05 Dec 06

i mentioned firewire and usb because isn't that how i connect my ext hard drive - when i get one..? Hence question about "network support" - can I backup other network pcs from my main pc?

Used space on my main pc is just under 60GB ( because of video editing at the moment). I am thinking of Acronis - seems to get a good crit in these forums. Norton Ghost was one I saw recommended as well.

  rawprawn 17:04 05 Dec 06

OK, it doesn't matter how you connect the External Drive, but you are using more space than I thought you need to get a backup HD big enough to take your usage I would suggest 200gb, so that you can not only back up once but have room for incremental backups.I can't help with your Network question, I only back up one PC at a time. I think Acronis is by far the best backup system. It has saved my life many times.Last week it even got me back after formatting and reloading Windows. I simply loaded Acronis and sent it to an old backup on the slave drive.

  eddiejackr 12:08 07 Dec 06

Thanks for all that - I'm nearly there. Have posted seperate thread in network forum re ethernet connection and external HD. Thanks again for your time.

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