System Backup - EVERYTHING

  Muckleface 21:45 21 Jul 03


I would like to know how best to ensure that if my system fails I do not loose everything stored on it.

What is the best and easyest way to back up every file on my PC?

I am running XP Pro and I have 160Gb of HDD space, but currently only 22Gb is in use. I have the Sony DRU500 Dvd Writer, and the fastest Sony Cd Writer.

I dont know if its possible but can I set my PC up so that it reminds me/automaticly backs-up every week or so like the full system scan that Norton does every week?

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  User-312386 21:47 21 Jul 03

well use the

files and settings transfer wizard

you will find it in start>all proggrammes>accessories>system tools


p.s this will have a complete backup of everything including your registry settings

as you are happy with norton products i would recommend using norton ghost to write an image to an external or a second internal hard drive.

the in-built XP backup works very well though.

  powerless 22:09 21 Jul 03

Well i've just imaged my drive using Drive Image 7.

click here

You can set it to schedule an image, daily, weekly etc.

You would need an other parttion to place the image onto. But also remember if the hard drive fails completly them you've lost everyhting. Another HDD is wsie - That what i did ;-) Actually last friday.

120GB and DI7 from PX world 250 Smackarooos :-(

  powerless 22:09 21 Jul 03


  User-312386 22:12 21 Jul 03

click here for 120gb HDD's for maximum of £89

  BillEmm 22:15 21 Jul 03

you can also backup to DVDs.

Luvly program.

  powerless 22:18 21 Jul 03

Ah, there OEMS. I wanted all the documentation, so i went retail ;-)

Backup also to a network.

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