system 32 file -where is it?

  mco 23:21 01 Jun 05

How do I get to here? Posted a message earlier about and research leads me to believe I need to alter something there - but where is it? regedit? Bios? Where? sorry for sounding so ignorant!

  quack 23:26 01 Jun 05

My Computer > C Drive > Windows > System 32

  mco 23:27 01 Jun 05

thanks -will try now

  DieSse 23:43 01 Jun 05

I don't think you should be making any changes to anything to do with system32 - especially if you're not even sure what it is.

What's happening exactly?

  mco 11:03 18 Jun 05

sorry - only just saw your response. Had spent hours on (another internet connection) looking on forums trying to solve problem relating to browser hi-jacker; one suggestion involved altering file extension name in system32- did it and it cured problem immediately, so it worked out ok in end!

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