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Sys restore V Go back

  dagbladet 15:52 10 Oct 03

From reading another thread i've learnt that there are alternatives to Sys Restore. There was some mention that sys restore is using up resources. Can anyone tell me a little bit more about this and the alternatives.
Cheers, Dag

  sms 15:54 10 Oct 03

I have goback installed. It is very good, however it does depend on yourhd size and can slow processing. However it has got me out of the shit loads!!!

  Jester2K II 16:02 10 Oct 03

click here

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System Restore uses up resources and so does Goback. i think the exact comment you are referring to is when i questioned why someone had BOTH GoBack and SR running. If GoBack does what SR does and more - why have both running? SR is effectively wasting resources in that case.

  Jester2K II 16:05 10 Oct 03

Roxio used to have a 30 day trial but now Symantec have bought it and i don't think it available anymore.

By the way - should you go ahead and buy GoBack do the following.


2) Disable SR and reboot.

3) Install GoBack

4) Give it time to settle down. Some people complain of excessive Hard Drive activity. Yes initially but it soon settles down. Also depends on how many programs you have in the background.

  dagbladet 16:27 10 Oct 03

Hi Jester, I see what you mean now.
Is Sys restore inherantly "dodgy" enough to consider paying £30ish for something else ? By disabling SR does this free up HD space ? If I change my mind can I switch SR back on again ? If I have SR disabled and suffer a "nonsense" on my machine can I not then restore ?

Sorry to go on but i'm very new to XP.
cheers, Dag

  Jester2K II 16:35 10 Oct 03

Thats OK.

SR is not (ahem) "dodgy" - just VERY BASIC. GoBack comprehensively protects against EVERYTHING you do - SR doesn't - SR is selective.

Save a file and want it back to its previous version? Right click the file and select Show Revisions, choose you version and presto its back.

Installed drivers and now the device doesn't work? GoBack to before you installed the drivers and EVERYTHING (Not just selective bits of the OS) is back to how it was before you installed.

Installed a program - don't like it, want to make sure it all gone? GoBack to before you installed it.

By disabling SR you reclaim (if still at the default setting) 12% or so of your disk space.

At any time you can uninstall Goback and switch SR back on.

If you have SR disabled but Goback installed you'll be able to restore better than you would with SR.

Have another look at the second link i gave you. Theres a whole list of reasons to spend £30 on GoBack.

  Jester2K II 16:39 10 Oct 03

By the way whilst you will get space back from disabling SR Goback will alsoclaim an area of yourdisk too. My 60 Gb has 4Gb set aside - currently this holds enough data to roll back to ABY point between now and 07:27:28 on Tuesday 7th October 2003.

  Legolas 16:39 10 Oct 03


  Jester2K II 16:39 10 Oct 03

By the way whilst you will get space back from disabling SR, Goback will also claim an area of your disk too. My 60 Gb has 4Gb set aside - currently this holds enough data to roll back to ANY point between now and 07:27:28 on Tuesday 7th October 2003.

  Legolas 16:46 10 Oct 03

Sorry for the short post hit the wrong button.

As I was saying...After some disasters (due to my habit of tinkering) and finding that SR in XP could not restore my system resulting in reinstalls and formating my hard drive I decided to get go back deluxe and as Jester2K II says it restores your system completely to a time before it went belly up, along with the benefits that Jester2K II mentioned one of the best is that you can restore your system even if you cannot boot into windows I think it is an invaluable program and worth the cash.

No I don't work for roxio lol.

  Jester2K II 16:54 10 Oct 03

Good point i forgot to mention that! To clarify you also get an option on boot up to restore to system. this isn't as selective as the in Windows version but will allow you to restore to the exact setup you had on previous boot ups.

Long restores can take a while - i installed a huge program that caused all sorts to go wrong. It was a multi-gigabyte program that came on DVD (MS Visual Studio .NET Demo - clashed with my VB6 Installation). Whilst it took an hour and half to restore to before it was installed I knew that the program had gone leaving no remnants, broken registry settings and folders full of files everywhere.

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