Syncing PC and smartphone

  m800afc 15:36 08 Feb 12

Intel Core i7 CPU [email protected] 3.81GHz 12Gb RAM ATI Radeon HD 5770 Monitor 1 - BenQ2400W (Landscape) Monitor 2 - BenQ2400W (Portrait) Win 7 Pro 64bit: Epson Stylus Photo R1900: Saitek Eclipse III Keyboard Samung GT-I9100: Android 2.3.4: Gingerbread: Kies


Hello all,

I am having difficulty syncing my mobile contacts with my Outlook 2007, on my PC. I can transfer my contacts from phone to PC without a problem. When I try to send data from PC to phone it simply transfers all of my contacts and adds them to those already in my phone, so I wind up with those on my phone AND those on my PC i.e. double the contacts rather than an incremental transfer. Each time I do a sync this happens, so I can have four or five duplicates of each contact on my phone.

How can I ensure the syncing of only the new contacts?

  bremner 16:49 08 Feb 12

What phone is it?

  Woolwell 21:32 08 Feb 12

It's a Samsung Galaxy S. I found that syncing contacts through Kies to be difficult. I have abandoned that and now transfer my contacts to Google contacts and that automatically updates the phone. I do the same with the calendar using Google Calendar Sync which is much easier.

There is a setting somewhere on Kies about sync. I'll have to fire it up and look.

  Woolwell 21:35 08 Feb 12

Slightly off topic but do you find that your phone does not connect very time and if it does it takes quite a while to be recognised?

  Woolwell 21:45 08 Feb 12

Hm - There isn't a setting!

  compumac 22:15 08 Feb 12

I have a Galaxy S and use Kies to sync my calendar with Outlook on my PC. It is relatively straightforward. I have not synced my contacts as the list on the PC is huge and I do not want that many on my phone.

  Woolwell 22:42 08 Feb 12

I prefer to use Google Calendar Sync set to sync fairly frequently in that way my phone and ipad automatically update without connecting to PC.

  Woolwell 12:56 09 Feb 12

I have reverted to using Kies to sync contacts as I realised that contacts deleted on Outlook, synced to gmail, deleted at gmail were not being deleted on the phone. I did not get several copies of each contact. Have you checked on the phone the contact display settings?


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