Synchronising Outlook: option not there?

  Handy Spinner 17:02 04 Jul 05

Hi all,

I need to set up a laptop with a desktop computer to synchronise Outlook 2000. I was reading some of the old threads on this matter, and read this tutorial:

click here

However...I can't see the option "Synchronize Other Computer" at all here! As far as I know, the version installed is simply Office 2000 Pro, non-corporate, networked, or anything like that.

Can anyone help, perhaps by telling me how to work Outlook, or by alerting me to a (preferably free) alternative?

Many thanks,


  wee eddie 18:52 04 Jul 05

Watch out for duplicates

  dogbreath1 20:55 04 Jul 05

I suspect that the option isn't available. click here for a paid for prog that claims to do what you need. If there was an inbuilt function I can't imagine a paid for prog selling one copy! Hope it helps. db.

  VoG II 21:04 04 Jul 05

I think that you need to be using Microsoft Exchange with Outlook for this option to be available.

  Handy Spinner 16:17 07 Jul 05

What exactly do you mean by "watch out for duplicates"?

Thanks for all your help.

  wee eddie 18:21 07 Jul 05

You have a number of options when you Import, I can't remember which one I hit, but I found that I had duplicate entries all over the place.

Maybe I should have read the instructions first. Once you've mastered it, the system of Exporting from one PC and Importing to another PC works well.

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