Synchronising Outlook 2010 Calendar with Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1

  bon bon 04 Feb 13

Does anyone know of a free, reliable app to sync a Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab 10.1 (S Planner) with Outlook 2010 Calendar and Contacts. I've tried Kies but without success; many others also seemingly being unable to get Kies to work reliably.

  Woolwell 04 Feb 13

This is not easy which is one reason why I went iPhone instead of Samsung recently. Google Calendar Sync used to be available and synced the Outlook calendar with Google calendar fairly well. Contacts were more difficult and apart from Kies I never found a good way. There are programs out there which state that they do it but I haven't tried them.

  compumac 04 Feb 13

I had this problem some time ago with my Galaxy Tab 10.1

S PLanner is the icon for the calandar on the SIII. Look for an icon with a calendar on it. Press Left button/Settings/CalendarsCheck My calendar. Then use Kies to sync Outlook calendar. You are also able to select Contacts if so required. The options for that are displayed on the Kies Page.

  bon bon 05 Feb 13

Compumac- thanks for your reply. When you mention 'Press left button (on the Galaxy Tab 2), what do you mean?

  compumac 05 Feb 13

bon bon.

Sorry for that confusing reference to left hand button. I have both a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Galaxy SIII phone and I was copying a post that I have given on an Android forum but it was for the phone and not the Tab. BUT I have synchronised both Tab and phone with Outlook, but (again) the settings are very similar. Go into S Planner -Top right, go into settings, select Calendars and check "My Calendar". This is the one that opts for Outlook when using Kies. Come back when tried.

  bon bon 05 Feb 13

Compumac My settings are already as you suggest and don't seem to work with Kies. It's interesting that the very first time I tried to synchronise with Outlook using Kies it worked. But therefore (with exactly the same settings) it refuses to update Calendar or Contacts

  compumac 05 Feb 13

bon bon Odly enough I synced mine last week after an update to Kies and the sync worked in reverse in that, instead of the source being Outlook it used the Tab as the source. I am looking at that later today as it wiped some of the original Outlook entires. Got to go out now but will come back later in the day.

  HenryF75 05 Feb 13

Had a similar problem recently with a Kyros tablet. Google Calendar sync from Outlook, as suggested by Woolwell seems the best bet. Though no longer available from google this can be obtained via Softonic at this link

Just remember to reject the offers for other software made by Softonic during the download process.

  bon bon 05 Feb 13

Thanks for that HenryF75. I downloaded Google Calendar as you suggested but it didn't want to work, I suspect from the message on Google's page for the app that they're not accepting any more new 'personal' users (although they are accepting business users- how they differentiate I don't know).


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