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Does anyone have any recommendations for file synchronisation software please?

We have a new desktop machine and as a consequence we are putting the old (?ish) laptop into semi-retirement. However we want to synchronise the 2 machines so we can continue to use the laptop when we are away from base. We?ll connect either through a peer to peer network or a direct cable.

We do not need anything complex and it would help if synchronisation could be set up to happen automatically, say when there are any changes to files.

Any suggestions/tips/experiences greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


  graham√ 10:26 16 Jul 03

Presumably the new desktop is XP? Go to Help and Support and search on 'synchronise'. The software is already in XP.

  graham√ 10:55 16 Jul 03

You can even do it on Windows 95. I can transfer files, using a floppy, from XP to '95 and vice versa, using 'Briefcase'.

Thanks Graham,

Hadn't realised that was an option - der!

One machine is on XP, the other on ME. We are looking to synchronise about 10 Gb of data, some of which changes every day & it needs to be idiot proof, for reasons I can't elaborate on!


  graham√ 11:52 16 Jul 03

Briefcase is the best tool if you frequently transfer files between computers using a direct cable connection or a removable disk. Using Briefcase, you can synchronize the files you modified on another computer with their counterparts on your main computer. You can keep your files organized by creating multiple briefcases.

Briefcase stores files and displays their status. For instance, it can show you whether a file is linked to the original file on your main computer, or whether it is an orphan file. This information helps you keep files organized and prevents you from accidentally deleting or copying over the most recent version of a file.

Copied from 'help'. I don't know what the capacity of one briefcase is, but (see above) you can have more than one.


Thanks again - looks like I'd better get familiar with a briefcase or three.



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