Synching computers

  Josquius 21:23 19 Aug 06

This is a bit of a abstract question so bare with me.
I've recently bought a laptop and am wanting to use it and my regular desktop- mostly my desktop at home and my laptop when I go away.
However I will probally be wanting to do the same things on them both mostly and so I am looking for a way of somehow easily synching up the computers easiest rather then constantly having to burn files to CDs or chuck them on my mp3 player and transfer them over the long way around.
Setting up a network would probally be really overkill for what I want to do here (and expensive too) but...Is there any easy way to somehow connect them and synch shared files or something?

Sorry about the weirdness.

  VoG II 21:36 19 Aug 06
  ArrGee 22:33 19 Aug 06

This is a virtual network, free of charge, that I use to synch databases and various other items between my home and office PCs. Very straight-forward, easy to use.
click here

  Josquius 14:06 20 Aug 06

Both connected to the internet and it sends the most recent files between each other?

  mgmcc 17:32 20 Aug 06

Have a look at AllwaySync - click here

Setting up a network isn't "overkill", it is the ideal method and doesn't need to involve anything more than a "crossover" ethernet cable between the two computers.

  ArrGee 17:43 20 Aug 06

Use SynchToy (click here) in conjuction with Hamachi (click here). Works fine with me and it's free.

  ArrGee 17:45 20 Aug 06

And, in answer to you question, yes, both machines are connected to the internet so you can sync anywhere. Just make sure your desktop is permanently logged into Hamachi so that you can log into it from your laptop from any location (once you are on-line).

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