The @ symbol on Notebook

  mymate 13:14 18 Apr 11

Sorry being thick here as cant get the @ symbol to work .I have pressed the @ button on shift and with out shift and its only doing , .I have the onscreen keyboard up as well and cant see the @ on that at all. I only got it this morning.Asus Notebook.Windows Xp

  mymate 13:16 18 Apr 11

Oh i found it on the onboard keyboard.Just pressed shift on that.

  birdface 13:53 18 Apr 11

Normally region and Language in control panel to set it up properly. Just make sure everything is English UK and if you find one with English US as well delete it.

  mymate 14:09 18 Apr 11

Thanks buteman but it is set on Uk .I have pressed every button to get it up and still wont come up as a @.

  birdface 15:07 18 Apr 11

Open all in Regional and language. Not sure which one but if you look in them all there should be one that says English UK + English US the US one has to be removed. I am using W/7 at the moment and cannot quite remember which one you have to open to find it. it may be Language.

  birdface 15:14 18 Apr 11

From an old thread.

If you want @ to show when you press it you have to go to region and language in control Location and make sure it is set to United Kingdom. Then go to keyboard and Languages. Change keyboard. English United Kingdom in the dropdown bar. And ENglish United Kingdom in the box, And if it also shows English United States in the same box remove it.

  mymate 15:42 18 Apr 11

Thanks buteman your a star. I removed the Usa one.Thank you very much.


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