symantec pc anywhere

  lambkins 18:15 30 Nov 07

hi i have just bought a new desk top for work which uses bt broadband and i have installed pc anywhere
however i cannot connect to it from home and when i contact symantec they tell me i have to open ports 3651 and 3652 on my router at home
when i contact aol they tell me they dont support opening ports
who do i believr

  SANTOS7 18:23 30 Nov 07

If you have BT broadband, Why are you phoning AOL, or am i missing something!!!

  lambkins 18:29 30 Nov 07

aol is my broadband at home

  SANTOS7 18:47 30 Nov 07

click here

OOPS! got it now, been a long day, the link may help...

  lambkins 18:59 30 Nov 07

what i dont understand is why i need to open ports
symantec say that loads of people use pc anywhere with aol without having to do this
i have also asked bt if i went with their remote access package and they say i wouldnt need to open ports
is it just aol beeing funny

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