Symantec missing a trick (again)

  Ivor_Monkey 17:27 10 Dec 04

Assume that I'm looking for a bundle of software, something like systemworks premier for a home network, which comprises two pcs. The problem may apply to ehr software houses.

As far as I can make out, the companies seem not to want to serve small home networks. In my experience, many home networks comprise only two computers. And yet when it comes to running anti-virus or other utilities, a number of companies (esp symantec) seem to only offer two very expensive choices:
1) buy a complete suit of software for each pc (very expensive)

2) buy 5 (or even 10 user licenses) -even more expensive nd only designed for businesses.

Where did the option for a two pc licence go? Have I missed something, or is symantec and other software companies hoping that we will just throw money at them?

The obvious choice made by many is to use freeware.

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