sygate lost all prev authorisations

  johnnyrocker 18:50 15 Apr 06

i have found thay yesterday and today sygate is prompting for access to all sorts of things it used to do automatically ie outlook express and other regulars like avg update etc win xp pro sp2 sygate version 5.6 it's as if only just installed and needs retraining, nothing special done any ideas?


  ACOLYTE 19:11 15 Apr 06

The only thing i can think of is if .DLL authentication has been ticked in security this would ask you to reverify the apps.

  johnnyrocker 23:57 15 Apr 06

dont quite understand your answer, i have changed nothing and it is as if sygate was a new installation, all previous acceptances/allowed disappeared and need to be re authenticated.


  johnnyrocker 10:49 16 Apr 06

well i spose i shall just have to go along with re allowing the processes til sygate is back as it was, still very strange that it lost all of it's settings though


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