Sygate Firewall and Windows update

  Tenacious Green 12:14 06 Oct 05

I have installed Sygate firewall as an alternative to ZA after some network probs. All seems OK except that I can no longer access Windows Update without switching it off. I have tried to allow all windows applications that I can see but to no avail. Is there any way around this other than switching off the firewall when I need to update?

  De Marcus™ 12:19 06 Oct 05

Is 'generic host process for win32 services' in the allowed section?

  Tenacious Green 12:22 06 Oct 05

Yes, it is. I really can't work this one out

  De Marcus™ 12:29 06 Oct 05

Did sygate ask for permission when you first visited WU?

  Tenacious Green 13:23 06 Oct 05

No permission asked except for Internet Explorer permission. (I use Firefox).

  Tenacious Green 13:26 06 Oct 05

I've also tried uninstall/reinstall to double check I didn't refuse permission without realising.

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 13:27 06 Oct 05

you will need to allow IE through for windows updates

  Tenacious Green 13:32 06 Oct 05

Sorry, but I already did, I was just pointing out why I hadn't already given it permission previously.

  De Marcus™ 13:33 06 Oct 05

A suggestion:

Make sure sygate is loaded and maximized on your desktop. Click on windows update and see if you get the 'allow' dialogue box.

  Tenacious Green 13:48 06 Oct 05

Thanks, but no joy. Generic Host was working its socks off, but nothing. WU gets to the checking for latest updates part and then nothing. Turn off Sygate and it works!

  Wak 13:58 06 Oct 05

Another Suggestion.
Have you got a Download Accelerator Program in Sygate which is BLOCKED?

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