Sygate firewall Register Now window.

  pj123 14:24 13 Jan 05

How do I stop the Register Now window coming up whenever I boot my computer? I have tried putting name and email address but when I click on Register Now it crashes the computer with the blue screen. At the moment I just keep clicking the Register Later tab.

  pj123 18:05 13 Jan 05

Sorry Guys, but doesn't anybody else get this problem?

  Grambo 19:22 13 Jan 05

Looks like no one else had a prob. I used to use sygate but switched to zone alarm which registers and works fine. Just putting forward an option

  pj123 14:08 14 Jan 05

Grambo, thanks mate. Looks like you're right.

I switched from ZoneAlarm to Sygate because I didn't like ZA keep on butting in all the time. So already here are two different opinions.

I'll live with the window and keep hitting Register Later. It might get fed up and go away.

  phil.smith 15:33 14 Jan 05

Did you opt for the Personal free issue?

If it still comes up why not register and then it will go away?

I run Sygate free issue and have had no problems


  pj123 16:20 14 Jan 05

phil.smith, although this thread is closed now, the point of the original thread was that when I clicked on Register Now the computer crashed. So it wouldn't let me register. Read it again.

  phil.smith 12:28 24 Jan 05

Sorry pj123

Didn't read it properly - now sounds as if I've upset you a bit

Apologies for that

Hope it is fixed


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