SX-200 Epson printer (3-in-one)

  the hick 31 Oct 11

Just had call from daughter, away at college, that printer is not recognising genuine Epson cartridges. She had previously been using compatibles, but they started to give trouble, so tried genuine items. I am at a loss as to what to advise her on this. Any advice on possible solutions to this problem would be much appreciated.

  chub_tor 31 Oct 11

Click Here for the Epson trouble shooting page for that model not recognising cartridges.

  the hick 29 Dec 11

An update two months on! - chub_tor, thankyou for the link. Daughter now at home for the hols., so further look at printer trouble and her Macbook. It is now stating a 'Communications Error'. I have tried an Epson SX415 we also have, and that gives the same error message. Does anyone know if Macs are prone to trouble with Epsons, I am somewhat baffled? I have used both these 3-in-1's with ordinary PC's and had little trouble. I feel a visit to PC World for another printer may be required, but wish to avoid if possible. Any help would be appreciated, thankyou.

  chub_tor 01 Jan 12

I don't have a Mac but I presume that you have loaded the correct Mac drivers on the machine. You can get these for the SX415 from here

  chub_tor 01 Jan 12

Should have added that the drivers for the SX200 are here


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