Switching back to itunes 7...dont like itunes 8

  julius44 20:55 10 Sep 08

Hello i've just updated my itunes from 7.0 to 8.0....but i dont like the genius sidebar, and also i want to SWITCH OFF the picture thing in itunes, and i just want to see ALL my songs in my library in the same way as itunes 7...or switch back to itunes 7 completely. Is there any way to do this please

  Technotiger 21:05 10 Sep 08

click here perhaps you could download and install itunes7 alongside itunes8, and then use import export to put your music back into 7 before un-installing8??

But only guessing!

  Technotiger 21:08 10 Sep 08

I have also read that itunes8 is causing BSOD in Vista!

  anniesboy 21:26 10 Sep 08

Select show items in a grid (three or four parallel lines) on top right.

  mammak 21:27 10 Sep 08

Technotigers,suggestion should work.

You could also try, "Back up to Disc" from the file menu, uninstall version 8, then when you have reinstalled version 7, reload your library from the back up Disc.

I wont deny it is one part of itunes, that always unnerves me....in-case I loose my valuable collection! but backing up to Disc has never failed me yet...good luck.

  julius44 21:37 10 Sep 08

thanks anniesboy!! I've done the grid thing, and its okay now..i think i can kinda get used to this version 8....not to sure bout the genius thing but we'll see!!

  powerless 22:36 11 Sep 08

If you don't like Genius turn it off.

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