Switched on PC desktop display upside down

  hssutton 06 May 12

Mouse extremely eratic, however I managed to shut down OK. On restart bios OK but did not start windows. Going to boot menu no harddrives showing, but clicking on "More" the PC started up from my Cloned disk. All disk drives showing in "My Computer".

Going to Bios on restart none of my 4 drives where listed. Restarted and selected boot menu the "More" again brought up my clone of the "C" drive.

Any suggestions, running W7

Many thanks

  hssutton 06 May 12


Disconnecting all drives bar the "C" drive window loads, shows the windows logo the correct way round, but then the desktop inverts.

  Woolwell 06 May 12

2 possible solutions to put the screen back the right way:

Go to Control Panel ? Appearance and Personalization ? Display ? Screen Resolution. Click on the drop down box next to "Orientation" and change it from "flipped" back to normal.

or Ctrl-Alt-Up arrow key at the same time.

  hssutton 06 May 12

Thanks Woolwell. Sorted, rather difficult working upside down.

Will reconnect my other drives and see what happens. Will not tick as resolved until I've checked.

  hssutton 06 May 12

All is now ok. Have reconnected all four drives which are now recognised.

Why should an inverted display affect the drives?

So once again many thanks woolwell

  Woolwell 06 May 12

It shouldn't have affected the drives. More likely that something else inverted the display.

  Woolwell 06 May 12

Did you try ctrl-alt-delete at any time and accidentally hit one of the arrow keys?

  hssutton 06 May 12

No, I shut down as normal last night, as I've been out all day, it was this evening when I switched on and got an inverted display + an eratic mouse. I do remember hitting ctrl-alt-del at one point as I couldn't close down the pc. It was after this that I lost the drives, so maybe that was the problem


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