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  ripendigging 26 May 11

I have a laptop running Vista Premium,I also have a genuine disc for XP which I no longer use,am I allowed to install the XP disc onto my laptop and remove Vista.If so would I use the product key on the bottom of my laptop or the one supplied with XP.Thankyou.

  onthelimit1 26 May 11

You can move a genuine, full copy of XP from a defunst computer to a different one. You will use the COA that came with the XP disk.

  onthelimit1 26 May 11

defunst = defunct!

  Graphicool1 26 May 11

The short answer is 'no'

Although the WinXP disk could be used on your laptop to replace Vista. If that copy of WinXP had already been installed on a near identical laptop, as the one you want to now put it on. By near identical, I mean a laptop which in more ways than not, ar/were the same.

If it had been on an older laptop previously and everything about the Vista laptop is newer and if the number you have was used prior on the other PC, the chances are when they check it for 'Activation' they won't activate it.

But hey, at the end of the day, if you try it and they won't let you. No problem, if you have the Vista disk you can always put that back in?

  Woolwell 26 May 11

Before you try XP you need to make sure that you can get XP drivers for all of the hardware on the laptop.


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