SweetPacks .1 programme - what is it??

  laptopdunce 22 Oct 12

I have been uninstalling unwanted programmes from the control panel in progs & features and have come across a programme called SweetPacks update manager for sweetpacks 1.0 and two other sweetPacks programmes called: SweetPackIM for messenger 3.6 and SweetPacks toolbar for IE 4.5 - should I delete these? I have not seen these before and not sure if they are necessary. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 22 Oct 12

someone else has the same problem in W7 help, it's a beggar to get rid of :(

Here is link to thread http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/forums/28/windows-7-help/4181060/removal-of-unwanted-home-page/?pn=1 which might be of use to you as well.

  laptopdunce 22 Oct 12

I am really just wondering if I should delete all these SweetPack programmes via the control panel and getting rid of them in the uninstall process, I havent noticed these programmes before and as they are something to do with yahoo IM in one case I can only think they are for these "emoticon" things and these icon things that I never use, but dont want to remove them in case it messes something else up, what do you think? LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 22 Oct 12

I think you should read the other post in W7 that I have put link for in my post above.

  lotvic 22 Oct 12

Sorry meant to add: and when you have tried those solutions let us know on your thread here (this one) if they have worked for you. (fingers crossed)

  laptopdunce 23 Oct 12

I have just un-installed the sweetpacks IM and IE and updater programmes via the control panel, I only un-installed them via control panel and didnt do all that registry stuff that is on the youtube vid. link, they have now disappeared from the programmes & features list in the control panel. If there are any other hidden parts where would I find them? and what should I do? I have re-booted after the removal of the Sweet programmes and the laptop seems to be running better on IE now, with yahoo as a default homepage. thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  lotvic 23 Oct 12

You could check in the registry to see if or not you have the entries as per the info on the links (vid and other) that are on the other person's W7 thread. Hopefully the uninstall via Control Panel has sorted it.

  laptopdunce 23 Oct 12

Where do I have to go in the control panel to look in the registry? is it from the control panel where it is accessible, I havent looked in the registry before (apart from doing those Ccleaner registry scans) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  woodchip 23 Oct 12

In Windows Search type SweetPacks then press enter Delete the ones it finds

  woodchip 23 Oct 12

Leave the Registry until you have done the above

  woodchip 23 Oct 12

Also have a Read Hear

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