Swap from Pentium to AMD!!

  CutNpaste 23:26 03 May 05

I wanted to know if i want to swap my pentium 4 processor and mobo with amd 64bit proscesor + mobo, Will my current 32bit windows work.

I want to change it because the pentium is so bloody noisy (its an 775 3.4ghz), i was thinking of changing it to an AMD Winchester Athlon 64bit 3200+ 939pin Processor.

Do u know if the winchester can level the pentium on performance.


  woodchip 23:29 03 May 05

Yes if you swap MOBO and CPU. You will have to re activate XP

  DieSse 23:53 03 May 05

"pentium is so bloody noisy"

processors make no noise - it's the cooling fan that makes a noise.

  Belatucadrus 23:59 03 May 05

Have you tried changing the CPU fan for a Zalmann click here ? As Athlons run slightly warmer than P4s, I doubt your going to get a quieter system just by swapping the MOBO & CPU. Have a look for a big slow running cooler.

  CutNpaste 00:47 04 May 05

will it work for the 775 processor -- the zalmon.

Hey deniese,
evry one knows wot i mean by "pentium is so bloody noisy"

  DieSse 10:16 04 May 05

"Hey deniese, evry one knows wot i mean by "pentium is so bloody noisy""

I'm sure we all knew what you meant - the point I was making is that changing the m/board and processor is not the best approach to cutting down fan noise - a quieter fan would be more appropriate.

  CutNpaste 10:37 04 May 05

But i read this article on one of the pc advisor issues -- stating that the pentiums generate more heat than the amd's and require a powerful fan to keep them at bay.
But stupid me i didnt realise that fans like the zalman existed -- i mean i heard about the flower fan and it turns out to be the zalman.
water cooling is not for me cos me alwayz do somting wrong.

  Diodorus Siculus 10:41 04 May 05

AFAIK AMD processors run hotter than PIVs...

  woodchip 10:41 04 May 05

In your last post you are correct about the P4 this one reason it will not be pushed any further it is out of date technology. It will create more heat

  DieSse 10:46 04 May 05

A Google search for quiet p4 fans will give you lots of links - such as this.

click here

No budget coolers are quiet, whatever the processor - they all generate lots of heat. If you spend a bit on a decent CPU fan, and also pay attention to case fans and PSU fans, you can get a nice quiet system - but there's no magic cure.

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