swap file size?

  big.tony.D 21:47 20 Jan 04

can anyone help? it seems as i go further into upgrading my pc it seems windows wants more.when i had 64mb ram the swap file could be cut down to 2.5 x that size ect with 128 mb now i run xp have 512 mb it seems a 1.5gb swapfile is taking the proverbial what happens when i stick in 1gb ram do i really need a swap file? 512 seems a fair4 amount of ram without a swapfile

  Gaz 25 21:49 20 Jan 04

Its not advisable to run without the swap file, however reducing it should not be a problem, set it lower.

  big.tony.D 21:54 20 Jan 04

have just set ti 128 min 256 max on 2 partitions will seehow it goes

  Chegs ® 22:02 20 Jan 04

I have 1Gb of DDR,I set the swap up as min/max 4Gb's,on a seperate hdd(one I only use occasionally whilst video editing)I found if I set it to low sizes,XP slows considerably,I also find if I leave it on the same hdd as XP,performance also suffers.(I have 2x120Gb SATA + 15Gb IDE hdd's)

  Joe McG 22:19 20 Jan 04


I have 512 pc3200 ddr, and like chegs, i keep it away from the o,s.

I have only one h/d so i added an extra partition of 2 gb and use only my swap file on this. ( p.s. swap file is set at minimum 1480 mb and maximum the same )

  Big Elf 23:12 20 Jan 04

I have XP home, 1GB RAM, no Paging file and have excellent performance.

  canard 23:18 20 Jan 04

My current PC works much better without a swap file but the previous [both Win98] really needs one. A bit of trial and error needed.

  Gaz 25 23:19 20 Jan 04

Well big elf...

I am doing that too. ;-)

  Big Elf 23:20 20 Jan 04

But to be fair I only create 10 minute video edits at one time.

  Big Elf 23:21 20 Jan 04

Didn't see your post before I added my last one.

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