svchost.exe process using 60-100% CPU

  Gray_bpool 10:19 03 Nov 05

My computer is quite sluggish at times and fluctuates in performance. When it slows & refuses to open a program, svchost.exe process seems to be the culprit. Can anybody tell me what this process is, is it essential, and why it is using so much of my CPU.
Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
I am running on XP home, AMD Athlon 1700+ processor with 1GB of RAM.

  PaulB2005 10:32 03 Nov 05
  PaulB2005 10:33 03 Nov 05

Could be a virus. Yours up to date?

  Splork 10:33 03 Nov 05

svchost is an essential part of Windows and is used to `launch` other progams and services. Get this, and it will show you what the various instances of svchost are doing. click here

  Gray_bpool 10:45 03 Nov 05

Thanks for speedy response. I have noticed 4 other 'svchost.exe'. 2 using 'Network Service', 1 using 'System' & the other using 'Local Network' although they all show 00 CPU.
Is there a free way of deleting them?

  Splork 10:45 03 Nov 05

You don't want to delete them, they're there for a reason.

  SANTOS7 10:50 03 Nov 05
  SANTOS7 10:51 03 Nov 05
  Gray_bpool 10:52 03 Nov 05

ok, so is there a way i can find out what programs/viruses they are launching and delete them without the need for purchasing software.

  SANTOS7 10:52 03 Nov 05

love it when links go t#ts up..

  Gray_bpool 10:54 03 Nov 05

thanks, santos7. I have up to date virus protection with Norton, but I will check now to be sure.

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