SVCD - how to hack my DVD?

  scottishflower 13:07 16 Jan 03
  scottishflower 13:07 16 Jan 03

I have a REOC A3 and a collection of SVCDs I had made to order thinking I could play them. Nope! I can't find the hack code that will allow me despite extensive searching - can anyone help me?..........please?

  smegs 01:46 18 Jan 03

If U want to play copy on Ur pc, double click Ur cd-rom drive. U should get a screen come up with 5 folders in it. Double click the MPEGAV folder. U should go into the folder & get one or two FILES saying AVSEQ01 or AVSEQ02. Try them both to C which 1 works. If U do not have these files, the disk will not work. Good luck.

  jazzypop 02:16 18 Jan 03

There is a huge amount of info about unlocking / changing the region code for your dvd player. Just ask Google.

  kuhbler 04:19 18 Jan 03

DVD Region-Free - click here

Works a treat!

  y_not 06:17 18 Jan 03

Did you not check the spec before buying?

Read up on the REOC A3 and it clearly states that it dosn't play VCD's.

Within the writeup it does say that the REOC A5 is needed if you want to play them.

As the player is a stand-alone DVD I guess the only option is to buy the other model!

  scottishflower 14:05 18 Jan 03

Thanks to all who have taken the time to reply.

I have made the player region free - that was easy peasy. The problem is that there is info around how to further code it to play SVCDs but I cant get it to work. The best and almost only site around gave me this info but the person who posted the info doesnt allow for a response.

I downloaded a freebie off a site for playing on the PC which gave me 5 minutes of sound & picture so I am perfectly satisfied they do play correctly.

Still open to answers...........

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