suspicious files filling PC

  terendak_uk 14:32 08 Mar 04

Hi. got a pC that has various folders in the WINNT folder, in the JAVA subfolder. In this folder are three sub-folders. One named "packages". In there are many zip files with a data folder. The data folder contains many small files that have my WinDVD icon. Looks like someone's storing stuff remotely? Checked with another PC....same fact "Doom " is stored in one of the folders on this other PC. Be most grateful for any help. I know for a fact that these two PCs are up-to-date with virus and Winupdates.

  johnnyrocker 14:34 08 Mar 04

click here and get on line check as some new virii disable av systems first.


  anon1 14:36 08 Mar 04

So what makes you suspicious then? The winnt folder is part of the os and so there should be folders etc within it.

  AndySD 14:38 08 Mar 04

Do you have a firewall runnung?

  terendak_uk 14:54 08 Mar 04

Have Macafee running on startup and it's auto updated.Yes, I have XP firewall, thanks. I am suspicious because the "data" folder files have the DVD icons.Mind you, "invalid file format" comes up when I double- click.The other PC has almost 1Gb of files in the "packages" folder...whatever that is. Thanks

  AndySD 14:59 08 Mar 04

XP firewallis not sufficiant I will leave it to others to give you options on software firewalls.

  terendak_uk 15:04 08 Mar 04

size of my HD is 18GB with 9.5Gb free. Checked Prog files= 1.75Gb, Windows= 1.14Gb, and my Docs= 1.78gb. Any idea where the other 4gigs is gobbled up? I am worried because our IT guys reported that a PC had been remotely accessed and it had been used as a remote server ( 10Gbs of unexplained files) Is this possible?

  AndySD 15:10 08 Mar 04

Yes ....

Is this a large buisness network or a small office and if the latter are you on broadgand and does it have a hardware firewall?

  terendak_uk 15:15 08 Mar 04

Janet....Joint Academic network. they don't use things like hardware firewalls. that's the problem.....academic freedom.Thanks for your input.Despite keeping uptodate with security patches( I realise that they are released after the door's been shown to be swinging open)I suppose it's possible for someone to hack in and use the PC as a remote server, do you think?

  AndySD 16:12 08 Mar 04

Yes it is not only possable but quite likely.You can ask the IT people if they will allow software firewall installs on the PC's if so then either use a free one like click here or click here or ask in a new thread about buying one.

This will stop them remotly accessing the PC. You may also wish to run a trojan scanner like click here or click here both of which are time limited versiond but will check and clean your pc's if needed.

  terendak_uk 16:17 08 Mar 04

Will check and post back

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