mattyc_92 19:10 20 Dec 04

Hi, I have just installed "SUSE Linux 9.1" and I don't know how to install any programs, for example, I can't install my DSL Broadband modem!!!

Can somebody please HELP!!!!

I am also running WinXP Pro on another Partition if this info is needed :)

  mattyc_92 19:33 20 Dec 04


  Valvegrid 19:44 20 Dec 04

Have you found the software for it?

If you haven't, try this search to see it is compatible: click here

I'm not sure about SUSE because I run Xandros, but its probably similar, if its a DEB or RPM file, you should be able to just double click on it and it will install like Windows. If it a file ending in tz or tzr its a compressed file. I have found if double click on it it will show the contents, what I do is to find the readme file, this usually gives instructions on how to install the program via the consul. That's how it works with Xandros anyway.

  mattyc_92 19:47 20 Dec 04

I have the programs, and the modem, on a disk.... But when I click onto the "Setup.exe" it asks me what to open it with!!!! How can I get around this?

  Valvegrid 19:50 20 Dec 04

If its an exe file it won't work with Linux.

What is the modem? Try the search in my link to see if its compatible.

  mattyc_92 19:53 20 Dec 04

The modem is called "BT Voyager 100 USB ADSL Modem" and the link you have posted is showing me how to replace the CMOS Battery!!!!

  mattyc_92 19:54 20 Dec 04

Hold on, I read that Linux is compatiable with Windows programs such as "MS Office" during setup.... If this is true, then how do you install the programs, because they will have a .exe or .msi setup file!!!

  Valvegrid 19:57 20 Dec 04

Sorry about that mistake, try this one: click here

  Valvegrid 20:01 20 Dec 04

Yes, you can install some MS applications in Linux using an application called Wine from CodeWeavers click here this program is probably installed in your Linux distro, but its limited on what you can install, if you want to start installing further applications you have to have the paid for version.

  mattyc_92 20:06 20 Dec 04

I don't think that I have got that free version.... Is it possible to get it from the internet???

Also I can't seem to find my ADSL modem on that website.... If I can't find it, does that mean that it is not supported or does it mean that they MAY not of tested it???

  Valvegrid 20:17 20 Dec 04

Sorry, there isn't a free version of Wine.

You can install that modem, unfortunately you need to install it via the consul, this site shows you how, but I warn you its not for the faint hearted:

click here

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