Surge protector affecting phone

  Teasle 19:56 13 Jul 04

I recently bought a new surge protector as my last one was damaged by a lightening strike. The new one, when my modem is plugged into it, stops my phone from working. The phone(s) are not any where near my computer terminal or the phone socket I plug my modem into, but they all work off the same number. This didn't happen with my other surge protector. Has anybody come accross this before?

  Totally-braindead 20:02 13 Jul 04

I can't say I have personally, my thought is it takes up one of the RENs available on your phone line somehow. Try disconnecting one of your phones and try it this will soon tell you if this is the case.

  Djohn 20:55 13 Jul 04

Do the phones work OK when the modem is connected direct bypassing the protector? If you still have the same problem even when leaving out the protector, try another modem lead.

  Djohn 20:58 13 Jul 04

Sorry forgot to say. Try another extension lead from your main phone socket to your surge protector.

When the original protector was damaged it saved your modem and possibly your PC but the phone line or extension line to the protector may be damaged.

  Teasle 21:26 13 Jul 04

Good thinking Djohn. I will try some other leads. BTW it works fine when I by pass the surge protector.

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