Surge Protection

  ronalddonald 21:19 24 Apr 08

Ive never used a surge protector b4, ive ordered a new desktop and now im wondering should i use one. The second query i have supposing i used a surge protector plugged ino the main wall socket with an extension lead attached which has indidual on off switches. if i turned the switch of at the extension lead would the desktop be better protected from a power surge. Any ideas or thoughts greatly appreciated. Many thanks.

  jakimo 22:18 24 Apr 08

It is always wise to have a surge protector,and unless your Internet connection is wireless, added built in protection for your phone line may save your modem from frying.

  SB23 22:34 24 Apr 08

This, to me, is a no brainer.

If you are splashing out on a new pc, then spend just a bit more and get a surge protector aswell.
There are lots to choose from, but I personally use a Belkin.
When on, I know I'm protected, including my Bt connection, when I come off, I turn off and disconnect from the wall.
If there is lightening around always unplug from the wall, even with a surge protector you're not as protected as you may think.

  Totally-braindead 22:37 24 Apr 08

Considering the small cost I agree with SB23 its a no brainer. You usually need an extension lead anyway so why not use a surge protection one as if you hunt about you can get one cheap enough.
I don't really see how you think connecting a second non surge protected socket will help. Switching it off would obviously but how many of us do that?

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