Surfing with mobile ? Antivirus needed

  Weskit 11:12 12 Oct 07

Recently obtained a Nokia 6288 which I find has an add-on to surf the Internet. Should I worry about possible viruses and what to do about it. Nokia suggest a pay-for AV, are there any freebies?

  mgmcc 12:39 12 Oct 07

<<< are there any freebies? >>>

More to the point, are there actually any viruses that could affect that platform?

Normally, the main risk is if you download, for example, an email containing a "Windows" virus and then synchronise emails with the PC so that it becomes infected with a virus where it *could* do some damage. If the PC is properly protected, you shouldn't need AV for the Nokia.

  Weskit 15:33 12 Oct 07

Thanks, sorry for delay in coming back, garden called. Point is, Nokia suggest that when surfing from mobile a virus could be picked up which, among other things, might lead to unknown phone calls out costing one money. Anyone any experience of this?

  Weskit 18:43 12 Oct 07

Does nobody do this?

  mammak 19:17 12 Oct 07

Hi I got Avast for my PDA I wonder if it might be what you need that's if it will work? I will have a look for the link for you and post back OK.

  mammak 19:20 12 Oct 07

click here

Here it is I hope it helps.

  mammak 19:26 12 Oct 07

I also found this.

click here

  Weskit 20:57 12 Oct 07

Thanks, will investigate.

so thats what happened! a warning to all:
i bought a samsung d600 pay as you go phones about 2 years ago, i stopped topping it up because the credit just vanished and i used to get about 20 spam texts on it a day, i blamed orange at the time, but malware on a phone? never concidered that and when i first got it i downloaded loads of free games, this was all before i even had a pc didnt know what malware was. i suppose it got infected

  Weskit 10:01 13 Oct 07

Seems there is some risk. Wonder if PCA have had an item on this, i.e. surfing with a mobile and what to watch out for, or perhaps a future subject..

  Weskit 15:43 13 Oct 07

No further comments?

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