Superantispyware error message

  thumbscrew 10:47 11 Apr 09

I've been scanning with Superantispyware, something I've done many times before. However, this time I'm getting a message telling me there is no disc in the drive and to insert onr in drive E, stopping the scan. I'm baffled by this...never had to insert a disc before...what disc? Can anyone help please?

  howard64 11:07 11 Apr 09

possibly a corruption in the prog - try a simple reboot and see if this clears it. If not uninstall and download a fresh copy.

  provider 2 11:47 11 Apr 09

Have you selected "Scan your computer" and unticked the box E:/- CD-ROM ?

  sunnystaines 17:09 11 Apr 09

does the error re insert disc mention SQL as i get this on MBAB and just click cancel a few times then MBAM is ok

only get it on xp not vista and not on SAS

  thumbscrew 20:05 11 Apr 09

Hi howard64, provider 2 and sunnystaines. Sorry for not replying earlier, just got in from work. I'll run it again now and report back.

  thumbscrew 22:38 11 Apr 09

Thanks again people, just scanned again and this time no warning...maybe howards reboot...computers eh? Gracias guys.

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