pac73 21:44 28 May 06

Is this a legit program?And is it any good?

  Belatucadrus 21:56 28 May 06

Free version offers a good anti Ad/Malware scanner and cleaner, but most of the realtime protective features from the Pro version have been disabled. So while it's a handy backup, it's not first line protection.
It's getting a lot of postings in other forums asking the same question and the overall feeling is that it's a very competant bit of kit. As long as you are aware of the reduced feature set provided in the free version and aren't bothered by this.

  pac73 21:59 28 May 06

Cheers m8.I guess ill try it now.

  ade.h 22:00 28 May 06

If you want to check any other products, click here

  pac73 22:04 28 May 06

Cheers ade,ive bookmarked it.Really useful site.

  skidzy 22:08 28 May 06

Another part to that site click here very handy as a bookmark for legit tools.

  RobCharles1981 22:10 28 May 06

At the moment I have

AOL Spyware Protection, Spybot, Adware, Ewido, A Squared and Windows Denfenda, going too redownload Super Antispyware it seems a good peice of kit

  ?. 22:17 28 May 06


Alot of rogue anti-virus/spyware programs around!!

  ade.h 22:20 28 May 06

There certainly is; it's big business.

Just Google for Spywareblaster, click on the sponsored link that comes out on top and you'll find one of the fakes.
The genuine product is from Javacool Software and is second in the results.

  Totally-braindead 22:25 28 May 06

I'm a firm believer in having protection against spyware but there is a case for taking it too far. I have AVG antivirus, Zone Alarm firewall and 2 antispyware programs AdAware and Counterspy. You can end up loading up so much antispyware that you can end up spending all your time scanning.
I think it was PCA magazine last year that recommended 1 antivirus program, 1 firewall and 2 spyware programs, mainly because none of the antispyware programs removed everything so they suggested using 2 so hopefully between them both they would get everything.

  RobCharles1981 22:37 28 May 06

One thing I don't really like is Spyware Blaster it doesnt do nothing as such

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