Super Socket 7

  faichfolds 19:32 04 Feb 03

One of my computers has a very bad CPU. Cyrix MII.
What is the best way of upgrading this without doing the motherboard as well. I hear the AMD k-6 is good for the same socket, but can you still get hold of them

  Gongoozler 19:39 04 Feb 03

faichfolds, the AMD K6-2 was a very good processor, not up to the performance of the Athlon that superceded it, but fine for most purposes. You should be able to get one from PC Upgrade click here+(Pentium+%26+K6-2), but check what speed processor your motherboard can handle.

  Gongoozler 19:43 04 Feb 03

Sorry about the link above. Click on the "click here", then select CPU's, then select Socket 7 CPU's (Pentium & K6-2).

  Rtus 19:50 04 Feb 03

also click here

  faichfolds 21:18 04 Feb 03

how do I check what speed the MB can handle?

  Gongoozler 08:51 05 Feb 03

faichfolds, you need to find what your motherboard is. There may be a marking on it with the make and number, otherwise if you download Belarc Advisor from click here and run it on the computer, it will tell you what the motherboard is as well as a lot of other useful information. It is only a 606Kb file, so it will easily fit on a floppy disk.

  Eraflooz 08:59 05 Feb 03

I have used both the 450 and 500 AMD K-6 2's and found them to be very reliable. In fact, my 500 with a Gigabyte Mobo and 128 mb pc100 was very impressive for what it was...I should say is beacause I am currently still using the platform as a second 'puter for office apps only.

  Eraflooz 09:01 05 Feb 03

As well as Belarc, try Aida32..It's great...

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