Super budget PC.

  curlylad 10:26 15 Jun 04

A friend has decided to buy a PC.He doesn't want to buy a second hand because of his lack of knowledge or non existent knowledge of computers/computing , ie he doesn't want to buy a PC with all the problems that can come with a second hand unit.So what we are looking for is a new PC we don't want fancy graphics cards or DVD-RW or anything like that , just a unit that is cheap , gets onto the internet and that is basically it so suggestions please.Thanks in advance.

  Lionheart ? 10:29 15 Jun 04

Have a look click here

  SANTOS7 10:32 15 Jun 04

yuo have missed the important bit HOW MUCH or there's always hereclick here hope this helps

  curlylad 10:36 15 Jun 04

Well I did say cheap , but I meant bog standard PC , as cheap as possible.

  johnsims 10:38 15 Jun 04

Good entry level offerings form both Watford and SSC Carrera for about £200 without a monitor or OS. Built in graphics and modem, but they work well. Bought one from Watford Electronics for my 82 year old father in law, added tft monitor and wireless desktop. Total cost £500 inc VAT and delivery. He is pleased as punch with it.
click here

  curlylad 10:38 15 Jun 04

I've found the Dell Dimensions 2400 at £299 but this is without monitor , can anyone do better than that ?

  SANTOS7 11:14 15 Jun 04

click here cheap as (pc) chips

  curlylad 10:10 20 Jun 04

Thanks for that link.

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