supanova music downloads

  sinbad1 21:35 06 Sep 04

has anyone use this program for downloading music, ihave used kazaa and others before ;but spent more time getting rid of viruses etc.A freind said supanova was good, just like some opinions.

  pl 21:58 06 Sep 04

If you are talking about click here
Warez is also good click here

  sinbad1 22:12 06 Sep 04

Thanks pl for your response,there is a one off fee, which i don't mind paying for as long as its not got the problems other p to p programs have.
thanks again

  pl 21:45 09 Sep 04

is free!!

  sinbad1 21:56 09 Sep 04

I have tried your first link ;but not able to open the files think i must be doing something wrong?
site seems ok, no info on how to set it up any ideas pl?

  polish 22:02 09 Sep 04

i haven,t heard of the above but winmx is not to bad have had no problems with viruses

  sinbad1 22:05 09 Sep 04

thanks pl i'll try that and see how it goes

  polish 22:10 09 Sep 04

i have not heard of the above but use winmx and have not had any problems

  Molded 08:58 10 Sep 04


To be able to access files on Suprnova you need to download and install a "BitTorrent" client.

It's basically an interface which sits between your PC and Suprnova.

There are a few clients out there but I use the "official" version.

click here

  steve1027 09:05 10 Sep 04

I've been using Supanova for a while- it can be quite bandwidth-hungry (although recent versions of the bittorrent software have improved this aspect), but the great advantage it has over winmx, kazaa etc is there is no queuing system- everyone uploads into a central file, everyone downloads from the same file, so you don't have to wait for a certain person to come on line before you can start downloading, and you don't have to wait in a queue while others download. In fact, the more people using a file, the quicker you'll be able to get your download. I've never had a virus from it either, although, as with all downloads, I'd strongly recommend that you always virus check downloads before opening them. AVG is pretty thorough, AVAST includes protection on P2P networks, both are free and either will do the job for you.

  Molded 09:15 10 Sep 04


Supanova and Suprnova are two different sites - I just noticed the spelling in your original post.

The link click here is the same as pl supplied and is the one I referred to in my previous post.

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