Supanet singup screen

  grumps2001uk 10:03 28 Aug 03

grumps2001uk here
did time, ever E-Mail you, A15, about removing the Supanet screen, as i looked for the posting to see, but couldn`t find it

  grumps2001uk 10:56 30 Aug 03

could anyone help on this

  A15 11:57 30 Aug 03

Hi, yes they did email me & results were good. Offending program was called "status" that's why I could not find it before. Are you suffering similiar problems? If so, my results were posted here: click here

  grumps2001uk 09:38 31 Aug 03

Thanks a15, the last times, M/C i had,had supanet, in msconfig. I wonder why they do this?

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