supanet blues

  Flat Face 18:07 04 Oct 05

My 4 yr old son using an old free disk from supanet has managed to change the Internet Explorer (6.0) settings so that it now insists on trying to set up a free internet server provider agreement with Supanet>
As I am based in Tanzania I can not connect to this even if I want to.
In the meantime I am blocked from launcing Internet Explorer.
How can I get rid of the offending files?
Thw Operating System in W98 first edition.

  johnnyrocker 18:13 04 Oct 05

tools/internet options/connections and never dial a connection if broad band and if not remove the supanet connection in network and dial up.


  Flat Face 19:46 04 Oct 05

I can't remove it from the list as it isn't there - the software is trying to load it, but of course I can't connect from Tanzania. Broadband is not available here so that is not an issue.
In the meantime I have got round the problem by loading Netscape 7.1 off one of the old PC Advisor cover disks, and set that as the default browser!
I would still like to know how to change the files so that the Supanet does not try to load.

  johnnyrocker 19:49 04 Oct 05

bit of a longshot is it in add/remove? or on desktop?


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:06 04 Oct 05

The program which pops up the registration page for supanet is called 'status.exe' and resides usually as

C:|program files\internet explorer\connection wizard

or just search for 'status' and look for the Supanet logo.

This .exe file is run at logon or startup.

Delete it to stop it running.

Having done this, you can then use standard windows practice to set up a dial up connection.

  Stuartli 20:27 04 Oct 05

click here

  canard 22:47 04 Oct 05

Uncheck it in startup. Run-type msconfig and select startup tab.

  Flat Face 04:34 05 Oct 05

Thank you Fruit Bat /\0/\ et al!
Though the file to be deleted was isetup.exe and not status.exe your help did get me to the right folder. IE now loads OK, but…

It has that very annoying “Internet Explorer Provided by Supanet” header.
Which file do I need to edit to get rid of that please?

Again thanks!
The other links seemed to be specifically for Time computer with Supanet preloaded and the assumption that you can go through the registration process by connecting to Supanet and then bailing out. Unfortunately from Tanzania the connection Tel number doesn’t work. The Supanet splash screen got on via a ‘free’ children’s software disk. A rather immoral anti-trust, employed by Supanet / Wanadoo, way of infiltrating computers as children don’t know not to just click away! But it was useful having the info so again thanks to one and all (Supanet apart!) for their efforts.

  Flat Face 04:36 05 Oct 05

The file to be deleted was isignup.exe and not status.exe

  Taff36 06:37 05 Oct 05

You can change the Wording in the title bar in both Spybot and SpywareBlaster. You can also do it in the registry. Do you have any of the former?

  Flat Face 11:24 05 Oct 05

How can it be done in the registry as that is probably the easiest. I am familiar with the Edit facility, but don't know which file the offending title bar wording is held in. Presumably somewhere in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer - but which file?

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