Suitable Graphics Card

  mick 47 22:27 09 Jun 03

Dear Colleagues

My system is a MS-6368(v5.x)motherboard, a P111(1.2GHZ)CPU and a 60 GB HDD.My OS is Windows XP Home Edition.

Question -
I would like to install a suitable Graphics Card, and would welcome any suggestions as to which one would be best for my system.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Mick Cowan.

  hugh-265156 22:36 09 Jun 03

radeon 9000pro or geforce 4200ti

  mick 47 22:52 10 Jun 03


Thanks for that - I will look at each. Thanks for your time


Mick Cowan

  PCA_Expert 01:06 11 Jun 03

You ask for a suitable Graphics card but you don't even specify what the card should be suitable for!

Do you play graphically intensive games...or manipulate extremely complicated 3d renditions...or do you like the odd game of freecell or minesweeper???

You don't specify a budget nor a hint of the use of this card.

If you are a minesweeper fan I suggest the Nvidia tnt2 card or even the SIS 6326 card,if however you need something for a specific purpose I suggest you let people know what those needs are.


  User-312386 01:08 11 Jun 03

the nvidia geforce 4200ti 64mbddr ram (AGP) if i was you

make sure you have an AGP slot

do not get a PCI slot card

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