Suitable discs for recording onto dvd player

  gel 06:55 AM 18 Aug 11

Hello I want to record from tv to dvd player Then delete contents on the disc when programme has been viewed What disc's do I need please gel

  northumbria61 08:40 AM 18 Aug 11

The major DVD formats are DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW and DVD - RAM. DVD-R/RW

DVD - R and DVD + R are write-once formats, while DVD-RW, DVD-RAM are rewritable i.e. you can record more than once onto the same disc. DVD - RW and DVD + RW discs can be erased and re-recorded about 1,000 times, while DVD-RAM discs can be re-recorded up to 100,000 times! The + and - varieties are not compatible, however here is no difference between +and -in terms of quality, although for some reason,-discs tend to be cheaper. DVD+R/+RW recordings are always DVD-Video compatible .With a DVD+RW video recorder, you don't have to worry about the various recording modes and options. All discs that are produced by the DVD+RW video recorder, both DVD+R and DVD + RW, regardless of their playing time or picture quality setting, are written in a compatible mode and therefore can be played in the vast majority of standard DVD- Video players.

  gel 09:34 AM 18 Aug 11

Thank you very much northumbria61 That is a very comprehensive reply which I find most informative Cheers gel


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