suggestions for virus scan from bootable disk

  cave dweller 20:22 15 Jul 04

i have been looking around for an anti virus software that will work fom a bootable cd on any pc and will scan all files on fat and ntfs partitions, any suggestions would be appreciated.

  PSF 20:35 15 Jul 04

I use Norton Internet Security 2004, with that you can boot from the installation cd and do a virus scan.

I am sure the earlier 2002/3 also worked the same way.

  VoG II 20:38 15 Jul 04

McAfee allows you to create a "Rescue Disk".

  cave dweller 20:50 15 Jul 04

i think i was hoping for one that you can create an image for burning with the up to date virus defs if thats possible , i know you can use the norton disk to scan for viruses but that doesnt have the latest virus defs and i think the mcafee disk only scans the boot records, but i may be wrong.

  muppetmark 21:01 15 Jul 04

have a look click here , there are also instructions for how to update the A/V definitions included in the help files

  TomJerry 21:06 15 Jul 04


  cave dweller 22:57 15 Jul 04

muppetmark, this looks promising thank you

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