Suggestions for printer that takes card please

  twink 21:04 13 Jun 04

Is there a printer that fulfills these 4 requirements??
1. Copes well with 220gm or '6 sheet'card, and also 'deckle'edge card
2. Prints to the edges
3. Good quality prints such as produced by Epson 830
4. Accepts compatible ink cartridges.
I'm pleased with my 830, but it jams with thick card. My old Epson stylus 400 copes with card, but does not print to the edge, and print detail not as good. Thanks for any comments

  Sapins 21:56 13 Jun 04

Epson Stylus PHOTO 895

  woodchip 21:58 13 Jun 04

EPSON R300 also prints CD'd and DVD's click here

click here

Scroll down to R300

Ink from hear click here=

  Sapins 21:58 13 Jun 04

Forgot it's been replaced by a later model, 913 I think.

  woodchip 22:01 13 Jun 04
  woodchip 22:03 13 Jun 04

Try this as I am getting error with other link click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:21 14 Jun 04

Epson r300...forget the rest.


  €dstowe 06:18 14 Jun 04

Much of the problem of printing card is due to it not bending easily along the path it takes through the printer. Choose a printer where the paper (or card) bends the least amount. Some printers have the paper path in a "U" shape where it almost doubles back on itself - this is the type you don't want.

The Epson R300 as suggested by GANDALF <|:-)> meets low bend requirements. There are other models in that range. Also the Epson "C" series.

There are of course many others, have a look around.


  €dstowe 06:20 14 Jun 04

The R300 was also suggested by woodchip and we have some of them as well for printing DVDs - good printers with excellent colour rendition.


  twink 09:18 14 Jun 04

Thanks for comments, I realise the low bend is best for card as the old epson400 is at 45 degrees intake. It just does not print to the edge, and quality not as good. I scan my own paintings to reproduce on greetings cards, and with my Epson 830 I bend the edge of each sheet of card individually to help it feed through, which is slow, and still jams! Epson make expensive printers with flat intake for the professional market, do you know of any cheaper versions? I will try out a R300 as suggested with card

  €dstowe 09:39 14 Jun 04

I have just tried printing edge to edge some 230gsm card in an Epson R300. It went through OK but, I should point out that this is the only paper stock that has been through the machine as we use them normally as DVD printers.


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