Suggestions for a new RAID sytem(update)

After a few pointers i decided to post some details on my plans. i have a athlonXP2500,Abit NF7-S mobo,512Mb ddr ram and a 40 WD40Gb HDD.what i want to do is set up 2 hard drives in RAID 0(stripping)so as to get more performance onmy pc.i mainly play games so i was hoping that this would increase the overall speed of my gaming and my pc since i have heard that RAID can increase the performance of my hard you think its worth doing this or should i go for a serial-ATA drive maybe??
again any suggestions/pointers would be of great use to me


  Taran 11:34 06 Apr 03

You don't list your graphics card, which is about the single most important piece of hardware you can use to speed up a system for gaming. Based on your current hardware setup, if you installed a current cutting edge graphics card, it would gain you far more overall performance than any other upgrade possibly could.

RAID 0 often gives a slight increase in speed, but it is usually only slight and most users cannot visibly tell the difference between a RAID 0 and a single disk system under normal use.

If you were manipulating some vast video files, for example, you will probably notice a benefitial speed increase from a RAID system. Gaming is not comparable along these lines though. It is a systems ability to continuously update and refresh the video display that calls up some pretty hefty graphics performance for games.

I'd say a current leading edge graphics card would offer you far more performance than any form of RAID ever could for gaming. While RAID may pep thigs up a little bit, a good video card will take you to completely new heights. That, after all, is a video cards specific job in life.

Finally, it is far simpler for all of us if you continue on with your original thread rather than starting a new one that follows on from the same subject. Some people get a little confused over which one to respond to, so in future could I ask that you either mark your original thread as resolved so that nobody tried to post to it or just add on to it until you have reached a satisfactory conclusion ?

Thanks for that.



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