suggestions for improving wirless connection on a 4 storey building with 2 ring mains

  suzanne.stuartsmith 11:26 AM 02 Oct 13

I have a 4 bed house with 9 occupants over 4 floors. The is one fuse board for the basement and ground floor (where the router is). Another fuse on the 1st floor covers the first and 2nd floors. We currently have Sky internet Netgear router linked to a Belkin N router to boost the signal and have attached the Sky router to a d-link plug in. On the top floor there is another d-link plug in to boost the signal to the upper parts of the house.

This was working fine for a couple of months but there is hardly any signal on the top floors now. I was thinking of putting a d-link plug in on every floor but am unsure if that would work.

Any suggestions as PC World and Maplin haven't been able to help.

  onthelimit1 09:47 AM 04 Oct 13

It seems strange that your homeplugs did work, but now don't (they won't normally work on separate ring mains). However, it could be that one of the homeplugs has failed (it does happen - I've had to replace several). The only way to prove that is to substitute them for another set (If you get it from Amazon, you can return them within 7 days if they don't cure the problem).


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