suggested selling price ????????

  jonnytub 09:32 21 Jul 04

Hi all, my brother is upping roots and moving to scotland to work for a graphics design group, he will be supplied with a pc to work from home with, and no longer requires the machine i built for him. Take a look at the spec and see what you think, we are at a loss as to what to sell it for? Black atx case(windowed with 2 blue cold cathode tubes), 6 in 1 card reader internal, super panel (controls processor fan speed also 2 usb 1 firewire built in and lcd display panel), Creative sound 5.1 surround sound system, audigy platinum 5.1 sound card, firewire card, 6 usb 2.0 ports, firewire pci card, 2 x 256 pc3200 ddr mem, athlon 2600xp and thermaltake heatsink/fan, geforce 5600 graph card, two 40 gb hdd, K7s8X mobo, samsung cd-rw 52x, optorite dvd-/+rw 4x , geniusnet comfy keyboard, packard bell wireless mouse, 17" tft flat panel display, hp psc 1210 all in one. Whole system is black and silver with exception to printer.

  TomJerry 10:00 21 Jul 04

Your machine would only interest to DIY guys because it is not standard PC and no warrenty as a whole PC. Or, it will interest to someone want to buy a 2nd cheaper hand PC. In any case, 2nd hand PC cannot sell much. You can get a local papers to see anything similar there.

Only way to get a decent price is to sell to a friend and you personally guarante it. As all components still got warrenties, it is not too much to guarantee it personally.

Or you can sell it in pieces in ebay (personally do not like it).

  TomJerry 10:01 21 Jul 04


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:54 21 Jul 04

Judging by the ones that I have seen for sale recently I would say put it up for £450 and accept £375. 2nd hand PC's are notoriously difficult to sell.


  jonnytub 11:27 21 Jul 04

thanks for the tips guys, think i will go with gandalfs suggestions.

  TomJerry 11:30 21 Jul 04

If it is a good one, you may be better off selling it in components.

TFT has 3 years warrenty, so it maybe easy for you to sell it alone.

  jonnytub 11:33 21 Jul 04

tft is Aoc 17" 10 days old, he only got job confirmation 3 days ago.

  jonnytub 11:33 21 Jul 04

Cost him £350

  TomJerry 11:50 21 Jul 04

If it is, he got ripped off.

17" AOC LM-727 TFT Multimedia 3yrs onsite £229 click here

AOC 19" LM-927 Slim TFT Monitor + Speakers + Pivot £351 click here

  jonnytub 11:52 21 Jul 04

sorry 19", might see if he will part that to a younger member of the family (me, of course cos it's a beauty)

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