Suddenly laptop won't connect to specific wifi network anymore

  Martin1111 09:13 01 Mar 14

Hi all,

I have the following problem which kept me busy the last days but unfortunately I can't fix it by myself. I tried a lot of things I found after searching for problems that were alike but no luck.

Since a week I'm staying in a sort of hostel where there are two wifi networks, one is passwordprotected and free of charge, and there is another wifi network where you need a username+password to login before you get access to the internet, you get the username+password from a machine after you pay some money and then fill it in.

Since I arrived I had no problems connecting to the free wifi with my phone, ipod and laptop, a Compaq 8510w. Until yesterday afternoon, when I suddenly couldnt log in with my laptop anymore. On my phone the same network is still working, and I bought a username/password ticket for the other wifi, logged into that one with my laptop and that workes aswell. So my laptop doesnt have a problem with wifi in general.

When it comes to the not working wifi-network: I see the free wifi network in my list, when I click it I have to fill in the password, so far so good, but then it's stuck on authenticating and I see the yellow triangle with the exclamation mark in it. Other people in the same building have no problems with this wifi network, just as my own phone.

I have deleted the network and connected again, did some of the ipconfig/flushsns commands, nothing works. But I'm open to all advice, hope someone can help me!



  onthelimit1 14:45 01 Mar 14

Operating system? If XP, then try [Winsockfix ]1

  Martin1111 12:22 02 Mar 14

Thanks for your response, my operation system is windows 7.

  abhay822 22:21 04 Mar 14

Try uninstalling the wireless network adapter through device manager and then reboot the computer. The network adapter drivers will reinstall automatically on boot. Try connecting again.

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