Suddenly cannot play 2 specific mp4 videos with any player, others work

  Krg087 07:21 14 Oct 13

Hi. I have mp4 videos saved on my Windows 7 PC. They would be up to 6 months old (they are of my 6 month old baby). I am devastated because 2 of them have suddenly stopped being able to be played. They appear as a black screen with no audio. I have tried to use Windows Media Player, Quicktime player, VLC player and a K-time player. None worked. They were originally taken with my Samsung Galaxy SIII phone, and are still saved on the device. But they do not play on my phone either. PLEASE someone have a solution to recovering my videos!!! Thanks, Kelly.

  michaelw 09:10 14 Oct 13

Install KLite codecs and bundled with that is Windows Media Player Classic which plays virtually everything that VLC can't.

  alanrwood 10:12 14 Oct 13

Have they ever played on your computer. The fact that they don't even play on the original recorder, (your phone) tends to suggest that the files went corrupt on your phone before transfer to your computer.

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