sudden turning off

  Harisz750 10:56 03 Oct 07

I have a pendium 4 2.6 Gh , 2Gb DDR2 ram , assus P5K-MV motherboard which supports 7.1 sound and ATI Gecube X2600 PRO 512 MB graphic card. All the above have been put after damage to a previous mother board Assus P5B series... The problem is that after installation of hardware and drives from cd there is still a notification that new hardware found: ( sound on high definition audio bus ) but no driver can be found... neither from the official Assus site. my OS is Windows XP 2002 SP2. Yet, sometimes... when I try to turn on my PC it seems to start, but nothing is displayed.. and after a while the screen turns off too! i have to restart it and it will either say start your windows in safe mode cause windows did't shut down properly.. or overclocking failure please press F1 to enter menu or F2 to load default settings.. I pressed F2 and it boot normal. The thing is that i Haven't my PC overclocked. Please Help

  User-1159794 12:59 03 Oct 07

Possible overheating problem with he CPU,might be worth removing the heatsink,cleaning off the thermal compound,then reapplying and refitting heatsink.

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