sudden power loss

  the blade master 17 Sep 11

hi guys a question else where obout turning off power by pressing the power button has promted me to ask this question im in a village where power loss happens fairly often somtimes for just a couple of minuets sometimes for hours is the sudden loss of electrisity liable to be a problem like pressing the power button to turn off your pc im mainly surfing the web so losing work is not a problem mick

  gengiscant 17 Sep 11

If you are not working on a document or editing a video or just about anything that you might need to save then having a power cut should not do any damage, you might get a nag screen when you reboot saying windows was not shut down correctly etc but apart from that,It should hopefully not be to much of a problem.

Of course pressing the power button still allows your PC to shut down correctly whereas a power cut does not.

  mole44 17 Sep 11

Have you thought of using an UPS (Uninterrupted power supply)that way you'll buy time in case of a power cut,type UPS into amazon and you'll find a fine selection as usual.That way you'll have time to save all your work.

  the blade master 17 Sep 11

hi guys thanks for the replies smole 44 i,d completly forgoten about the u p s thakns for the memory jog and gengiscant i use a acer laptop if im working on somthingjust in case of a power cut at least as you know if the power gose out the battery kicks in stopping any problems thanks for the help guys regards to all mick


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