Sudden freeze - Optical Mouse

  Ankermi 15 Aug 11

Windows XP .AVG.CCleaner.

Was on main desktop computer and following a link on a well used rugby site which took me to a Facebook page wanting me to log on which I did not want to do. Went to use the mouse but it had frozen.

Could not get out of it via Control/Alt/Del. Eventually closed the computer on its power up button. Checked batteries and cleaned mouse.

Waited and then booted up again this took me to the sign in page i.e. My Icon name but the mouse is still frozen so unable to get to desktop.

Have tried another mouse via the USB point and this has the same problem.

Will access responses via laptop. Thank you.

  onthelimit1 15 Aug 11

Try booting into safe mode ()via F8 on boot) to see if the mouse works there. If so, try a System Restore. If not, I don't know!

  Ankermi 15 Aug 11

Have tried Save Mode. Computer very reluctant to let me but got got there. Managed to check the mouse settings and it says working ok. Endeavoured to get into system restore and no way can I get there. It seems that the tabs do not want to open.

Thanks for your honesty, like you I don't know!

  onthelimit1 15 Aug 11

Try this ?

link text

  Ankermi 15 Aug 11

Thanks but to me it seems the whole system is going down so will era on the side of caution and take it to the computer techs tomorrow to sort out rather than completely send it into orbit.

Thanks for your time very grateful


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