subtitles wont turn off

  raggy 2 21:46 05 Feb 06

hi guys the subtitles on any DVD wont turn off- even on the DVD set up menu or the media player menu, all subtitles are turned off, and i have tried 3 different films

  De Marcus™ 22:13 05 Feb 06

What are you playing this DVD on? A PC (what software?) A standalone DVD player? (what make model)?.

  ade.h 22:32 05 Feb 06

I have posted a response in your other thread on the same subject.

  De Marcus™ 22:35 05 Feb 06

A link ade.h?

  raggy 2 14:44 06 Feb 06

on my PC with windows media player 10 and have also tried ULEAD DVD player 2.0

  ade.h 14:56 06 Feb 06

click here Happy?

  De Marcus™ 15:07 06 Feb 06

No. Never.

raggy 2
Are these ripped DVD's?

  ade.h 15:16 06 Feb 06

Aah, cheer up De M!

Is it the lack of nicotine? ;-)

  De Marcus™ 15:20 06 Feb 06

Always cheery, with gritted teeth :0)

  raggy 2 22:09 06 Feb 06

no these are genuine DVDs straight from Tesco's, this only started on saturday night as i have played loads of DVDs before and never had subtitles on.

  beynac 08:40 07 Feb 06

Is it just these new DVDs? Have you tried some of your older ones? If it is just the new ones, are they multi-language versions? I have bought a lot of DVDs in France. A lot of these allow you to both select the language and give options for the subtitles on the DVD menu. Some of them, whilst allowing you to select French or English language and subtitles, will not let you turn the subtitles off.

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