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  Loll_l 12 Jan 10


I have recently designed a website for my new business. I have included a booking form which can be found here click here

I used Dreamweaver CS4 to create the site and is my web host

As it’s my first attempt at making a website I realise I may have constructed the site incorrectly. Please (for now) do not give me advice on how to make the site faster/tidier. All I wish to know is how to get the Booking Form working so that it sends information from the form to my email address.

Currently, on clicking the ‘Submit’ button the browser opens the customers email programme but I really require for the information to sent automatically back to my email address and then have the browser re-direct to click here

I have looked around a few forums and it seems I may need a PHP script but have no idea how to do this. Can anybody please explain what I must do? I would prefer not to have to spend any money if possible!



Ps. I also require the form to prevent the customer to ‘Submit’ unless ‘Is Vehicle roadworthy with full M.O.T.:’ is set to ‘Yes’ and the ‘I agree with the Terms and Conditions’ box is checked... but this is not as desperate.

  tims31 26 Jan 10

I would first recommend what Forum Member has said and see if your hosting company has a forms solution...most do and is confiqured to work straight away on their systems.

However, if you want to give your own a try then have a look here click here . I have used the formmail from Matts script as metioned in the text and that does exactly what you want but this is a version of that with a tutorial to get you started.

  Woody Ham 09 Mar 10

I must endorse tims31. I have used Matts script solution on the three web sites I manage and they are easy to adapt and work perfectly.


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